Review of Cider Clothing: A New Brand with a Classic Look

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Cider Clothing is a new brand of vintage clothing launched in early 2018. It specializes in bringing back the staples of the “preppy” or “prep” look from the 1980s, which had its most considerable following among Ivy League students and other affluent young guys back in the days.

The prep style generally has a natural, clean, and casual vibe, with elements such as gingham check, striped shirt, and cardigan vests. These garments are often made with natural fibers like linen, cotton, or wool instead of synthetic materials like polyester.

They also use pattern mixing to achieve a unique style that is not overly formal or casual. This article presents an in-depth review of Cider Clothing and its best products to learn more about this new brand before deciding.

Cider Clothing Background

Founded by two former investment bankers, Cider Clothing is the newest brand famous in the “preppy” trend. The brand has existed for about four years, with its first release of products in March 2018.

Review of Cider Clothing: A New Brand with a Classic Look
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It specializes in bringing back the staples of the prep look from the 1980s, which had its most immense following among Ivy League students and other affluent young folks. Two former investment bankers founded cider Clothing. The brand has been around for about a year and a half.

A Review of Cider Clothes

1. Cider Button-Down Shirts

Cider Button-Down Shirts are made of white oxford cloth and come in three different designs:

  • Gingham check.
  • Herringbone.
  • Plain white oxford cloth.

They are made in the United Kingdom, which indicates their quality and craftsmanship. These shirts are relatively affordable and are definitely worth the price. They are well made and comfortable, and they fit well too.

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The shirts are not super thick, which is suitable for hot weather. They are very breathable and easy to iron, although ironing is not needed with these shirts.

They are not sheer, making them great for wearing under a sweater or a jacket during the fall and winter. The Cider button-down shirt is an excellent buy for anyone who wants to bring back the prep style but does not want to spend hundreds of dollars on expensive brands.

2. Cider Chinos

Cider Chinos are made of grey herringbone wool and are designed to be worn with Cider button-down shirts or other Oxford cloth long-sleeved shirts for an Ivy League look.

They are well made, comfortable, and stylish. They fit well and are ideal for fall and winter. The chinos are very warm and are made of a thick fabric, which is great for chilly days. The herringbone pattern looks great on them and is not too loud.

This brand also offers a lighter option for spring and summer if you want something not too thick.

3.Cider Sweater Vests

Cider Sweater Vests are made of 100% wool and come in three designs:

  • Gingham check.
  • Herringbone.
  • Plain lambswool.

They are designed to be worn with a button-down shirt or a cardigan for a warm and classic look. They are excellently made and feel amazing. Their thick fabric is easy to wash and does not shrink much.

They are on the pricier side, but the price is reasonable for a high-quality garment. The vests are not too thick but are warm enough to be worn during fall and winter. Their versatility enables them to be paired with various shirts and cardigans.

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If you want to update your wardrobe with a classic style that is not too formal but still very warm, the Cider sweater vest is good.

4. Cider Wavy Denim Top Review

Wavy has been all over in recent seasons, but few brands have done it better than Cider. The style of these denim tops is effortlessly stylish and looks great on just about everyone. This top is part of their new Denim by Design collection and will retail for $60.

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5. Cider Retro Straight Leg Trousers Review

The Cider retro straight-leg trousers are a versatile piece of clothing. They’re made from cotton fabric and are relatively heavy, meaning they can be worn all year round. The best thing about them is how well they fit.

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They have an athletic cut that makes you look and feel relaxed and casual and ensures that you don’t overheat during summer days. At $60, they aren’t cheap, but they are worth it.

6. Cider Patchy Corduroy Oversized Shirt Review

The first thing to notice about Cider’s shirt is how soft it feels and how great it smells. It is neither thick nor too thin, so it will be easy to wear in any season. The shirt fits true to size and flatters on any body type.

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The sizing is generous; however, there are many ways to customize it to your needs. It goes well with jeans, leggings, skirts – just about anything!

What are Your Favorite Outfits on the Site?

One of the best outfits on the Cider Clothing site is the flannel shirt. The flannel adds such a cozy look to any outfit. It’s incredible how you can mix and match pieces on most of their outfits to make your combinations.

The Flannels give you so much creative freedom when making your outfit combinations. We always feel restricted when trying to make something work by only being able to choose from three or four pre-made options. Still, there are so many options here that you spend too long trying to decide which ones go together best every time you log onto their site.

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Everything goes together well, which is probably another reason why Cider is famous. There are some brands where you can tell each item was designed separately and then thrown into an outfit—but all of Cider’s items fit perfectly into an ensemble.

Do you Find Their Pricing Competitive?

The clothing is much cheaper than other brands, and their prices are very competitive. This is an advantage because customers can frequently purchase more clothing to update their wardrobe for less money.

However, you may notice that some of their items are slightly smaller or thinner than other brands. Another noticeable issue is that there are no size charts on any products. Maybe it’s just a sizing issue, but it makes one wonder if larger sizes would differ from small ones. If you’re only looking to get one or two pieces, you should buy from them!

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Verdict: Is the Brand worth Your Time?

It is not by coincidence that Cider clothing has an enormous following online. The brand deals with vintage clothing that is making a comeback to the fashion industry, and the style is fast becoming a favorite.

However, many online reviews portray the brand as a scam, but all facts indicate that Cider is a legit brand offering a cheaper alternative to high-end clothing brands.

Cider clothes are versatile, better quality, stylish, comfortable, affordable, and breathable. The quality of their products is worth the price tag. Suppose you wish to acquire one of their pieces; feel free to go for it as the brand is famous and worth it.

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